What are the advantages of Canadian Football?

Canadian Football is a team sport that offers a wide variety of roles within a team. Each role requires different physical qualities. In any case, it is a sport with short and intense game phases.

It is also a sport that requires you to work on your skill, coordination, agility, explosiveness and tactical sense.

With its large number of players and its specialized roles, Canadian Football brings you a strong team spirit, based on solidarity and cohesion with both partners and coaches: you must work for the others in order to move the team forward, literally and figuratively.

It is also a sport that teaches you to manage intensity and pressure as well as the clock!

Is Canadian Football for you?

From 16 years old for its contact form, you certainly have qualities to bring to an Canadian Football team! Whether you like to sprint, kick, pass, push… And even if you swear by tackling and defense!

Indeed, with its complete change of formation according to the phases of the game, Canadian Football allows you to concentrate on what you prefer in the game. And a sport where defense and shadow work can steal the show from the offense is pretty rewarding.

Finally, its many different positions allow you to find a role on a team regardless of your size. And welcoming profiles that wouldn’t fit in other sports is also part of the identity of Canadian Football.

The necessary equipment for playing Canadian Football

To have fun and discover Canadian Football, you can start by making passes – without contact – between friends. For that, always no suspense, you need a football. It is oval-shaped, with its famous lace.

And if you want to practice regularly, let’s go for the famous Canadian Football outfit, which is mandatory in clubs to protect you during contacts.

It consists of a helmet, a shoulder pad, pants with pads, a mouth guard and sometimes gloves, whose shape may vary depending on the position.